Liste des produits de la marque Urban Kombucha

100% organic 0% weird stuffs.

Every batch is handcrafted the traditional way by our team in our own facility by Lake Geneva.

Vibrant, delicious & filled with nutritional goodness - No big secret, it just tastes better when crafted with love.

Quite famous among Yoga Gurus in South Beach California and originating in ancient Asia, Kombucha is to tea what wine is to grape, what cider is to apple – without alcohol…! In a nutshell, it’s a brewed tea beverage enhanced by the hard work of a symbiotic culture of microorganisms and yeasts (aka Fermentation).

Some enjoy it for its health properties or just because it’s a delicious alternative to nasty soft drinks. And guess what? It’s all natural baby!

Time to grab one and treat your gang.

Our Motto:

We’re independent, bullsh*t allergic and convinced that the sun is a big disco bowl.

We’re not perfect but we dream big and love to shake things up, one sip at a time, putting tons of fun & passion in all we do.

Also, last time we checked, Elon Musk hadn’t conquered Mars just yet so we set as a priority to make things right down here, working hand in hand with motha nature.

Our Story:

The first Swiss kombucha: a friends and family journey.

Born and brewed in Lausanne, it all started in a kitchen. Literally.

There is Arnaud and we’re in 2013. It’s connected to the highest peaks of the Swiss Alps, our Canadian buddies at Rise Kombucha, Lake Geneva and to some more friends joining in in 2018 to pursue some big dreams...

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